Ukes and Accessories

Here at Ukulele Workshops in Scotland we can provide everything you need to get started on your ukulele journey.  Listed here are our top two essential items.


We get all our beginners started on a good quality entry level instrument.  Your first soprano  'uke' will be tuned and ready to go when you arrive for your first session.  On it you will learn your first chords, strum your first songs and more than likely become addicted to the bonsai guitar.

Over time you may decide to upgrade to a better quality instrument and/or change to a concert or tenor uke.  We can offer advice and find the perfect instrument for you.  We keep a stock of various standards and sizes of ukulele so you can try them in the sessions and at home before you decide.


We highly recommend that you purchase a clip-on tuner.  This works by picking up vibrations directly from your ukulele. It doesn't matter how much strumming, singing or general mayhem is going on around you, this clever little device 'listens' for the G, C, E and A notes that the strings of your uke are tuned to and the clear display gives you the green light when perfect tuning is achieved.  You will be able to purchase this great little tuner at your first session.